Dec 13, 2018

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Dec 13, 2018

What a pumpkin - great Pic!

Pumpkin Shepherd
Dec 16, 2018

Remember - the earlier you get your membership in the better your seed selection will be in your seed package. The first 220 will receive a seed from Phil & Jane Hunts new Canadian record pictured above.

Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
Dec 17, 2018Edited: Dec 17, 2018

The picture above was taken by a professional photographer from Globe & Mail the night before Halloween. It took 1/2 hour for him to get the shot he wanted.


Just a little info on the plant (2145) that grew our 1959#er. It was a very hardy plant. We had record extreme heat & dry weather this past summer & this plant didn't flag, droop or burn like plants have in past years. No shade cloth was used on any part of the plant. We hope this trait was passed onto the 1959.


After many auction requests & our obligations to the GVGO being met, we are now down to having just some personal seeds left. If you are really interested in getting a seed, then join the GVGO asap. For $30 you not only get a 1959 Hunt seed, but you will get seeds from many of the other top pumpkins, tomatoes, gourds & more grown in Canada. This seed pack is worth well over $100, but can be yours for only $30. Also included with the GVGO membership is 3 newsletters (Feb, July & Nov) per season, access to the GVGO website with message board, free entry to the GVGO seminar in April & more. Don't forget about the 1-Ton Challenge either. $6000 to the 1st Canadian GVGO member to grow a 2,000# pumpkin in Canada. (Note: If more than one 2,000# pumpkin is grown in the same year, the largest of the 2 wins.) We hope you'll join the GVGO for another great season on the march towards 2,000#.

Dec 17, 2018

I like the cross 2145 x 2363.

Hopefully I get a 1959 in my seed pack.

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