Jan 26



Edited: Feb 23

The 2019 GVGO Seminar will be in Breslau at the Polish Dom hall. The date for the seminar is Saturday April 6th. Starts at 9 with registration starting at 8am. The club has had the seminar at this location before, lots of parking, great hall and easy to get to.


2 speakers have been lined up for the seminar Kevin J Falls P. Ag will speak on fertilization and products available to growers. In the afternoon compost guru Christine Brown, Field Crop Sustainability Specialist - OMAFRA will speak to us on what we are doing right/wrong with our compost.


Lots of new GVGO bling will be for sale, great draw prizes and a seed raffle as well. Don't miss it it's plenty early and members have plenty of time to plan. Club business discussion will take place as well.


GPC News by Todd Kline will be shared, as well as GVGO Awards for 2018 will be handed out.


Lunch will be provided, the hall is handicapped accessible. Please confirm your attendance below if your able.


GVGO Executive

Jan 26



Please put your name on the list if your able, not mandatory for attendance

Kirk Chenier

Feb 9

Norm Kyle Plans to atted.

Myrtle Lester
Mar 13

Ernie and Myrtle Lester will be attending. (Yes I got the date right this time)

John Butler
Jan 26

my son Rob and I will be attending

John Butler
Feb 4

Fred Hain will also be attending

Ben Carter
Feb 5

Steve Blanchard and I are coming

Dave Mc
Feb 6

I will be attending.

Chris L
Feb 7

I will be there.

Feb 7

Elaine and I will be attending

John Matesa
Feb 8

I am looking forward to hosting the Seminar again this spring.

Like Kirk said, The hall is in a great central location with lots of parking.

If you can please indicate how many people in your party are planning on attending, here on this thread, It would help me plan more accurately for how much food and drink and dessert will be needed.


Also, Don't forget to get your orders in to Paul D. early for any of your fertilizer/amendment needs. I used all of those products listed to grow my 1855 and 1736 this year.


John Matesa

Feb 14

David Locke and Fred Sprathoff plan to be there.

Mar 2

Jake Ewan

Feb 26

member + guest going to seminar

Mar 2

If nothing breaks or comes untied i'll be there🖒.

Mar 2

Myself, Craig Balkwill and a guest will be there

Dave Mc
Mar 12

Barrett Mucci will be attending.

Mar 15

I plan to be there.----- Al Eaton

Mar 23

Jim , Kelsey and Harley will be attending.


Mar 24

I`ll be there..

Mar 25

I will be attending

Mar 26

Dennis will be attending

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    2 days ago

    It is seed drying time of year. Keep your GVGO seed packs in mind. I am looking after sorting and sending out the packs this year. Lets all work together to make them great. Send in all kinds of seeds. Everyone is looking for different things in a seed pack. You must be a paid up member for 2020 to receive your seed pack. Here is where to mail them to: Jeff Warner 487413 Aidie Creek Garden Road Englehart, Ontario P0J 1H0 Send me an email or msg so i know something is coming and will let you know that i have received it. aidiejeff @
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    Nov 1

    John won the 150 square foot contest this year with a 1175.6 lb. pumpkin. The first one grown over 1000 lbs. in this contest. Congrats John!
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    There are two theories for arguing with a woman.....neither of them works

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