Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
Jun 13, 2017

Early season poll


What seed is growing your best plant so far?

Our biggest plant is the 1803 Hoelke (12+'), followed closely by the 2145 Mcmullen. Both plants will hopefully be pollinated by our targeted date of June 20-25th.

Good luck.

Jane & Phil

Jun 13, 2017

I didn't get in until May 15th but plants are taking off now. 1512 Butler is my best but the 1567

Lyons is catching up real quick. Still hoping for a June pollination but it will likely be near the end of the month

Jun 13, 2017

1803 is the largest right now as well. I've removed two females from it so far and am on the fence a out the one showing at about 14 feet. It won't be open for at least a week so I have time to think.

Jun 14, 2017

1585 Werner the biggest

Jun 15, 2017

Best plant is an old classic , the 1142 Vankooten, second would be the 1317 Clementz. Two more close runner ups are the 1276 Marsh and 1109 Ebbett

Jun 15, 2017

1095 butler*** and 951***jarvis squash have started to 'wake up'....warm weather has started to move things along here on Fruit Ridge line:)


Jun 15, 2017

The only plant I have is the 1512 Butler at about 10+ feet. I self pollinated it this morning

at 6 ft. Another female in the waiting at 9 ft. I'm not real sure I want to continue all summer

at the 6 ft. mark. LOL.

Chris L
Jun 15, 2017

My best plant is a 2145 McMullen which is out about 14 feet now but the 1585 Werner plant is right behind it and looking very aggressive as well. I have removed the first two pumpkins on it but the third one will hopefully be the charm.

The 1803 Hoelke and 2095 Willemijins were started late as back ups and planted just before a stretch of cold wet weather. They are both look distressed and are way behind the other plants.

John Butler
Jun 15, 2017

my best plant is the 1337 Butler but the 1512 Butler 1625 Gantner and the 1172 Haist* are catching fast with the warm weather

Jun 18, 2017

The 1803 was a back up to 2 other 1803's that didn't like the cold wet weather earlier and was put in patch 10 days after 1094 , 1585 and 1756 H/J , it has since caught and passed 1756 in size, 1585 Werner is very aggressive plant almost double the size of the rest


Jun 23, 2017

Not growing AGP's but my best is a 2014 Mini Zac....The Mater is a good size bloom and stem that I have treated extensively with kelp by spraying it twice a day from the day it first appeared in an effort to encourage cell division......The plant is only two and a half feet tall and yes its terminated.

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  • Whiz
    2 days ago

    It is seed drying time of year. Keep your GVGO seed packs in mind. I am looking after sorting and sending out the packs this year. Lets all work together to make them great. Send in all kinds of seeds. Everyone is looking for different things in a seed pack. You must be a paid up member for 2020 to receive your seed pack. Here is where to mail them to: Jeff Warner 487413 Aidie Creek Garden Road Englehart, Ontario P0J 1H0 Send me an email or msg so i know something is coming and will let you know that i have received it. aidiejeff @
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    Nov 1

    John won the 150 square foot contest this year with a 1175.6 lb. pumpkin. The first one grown over 1000 lbs. in this contest. Congrats John!
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    6 days ago

    There are two theories for arguing with a woman.....neither of them works

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