Oct 10, 2017

Erin Weigh-off and a world record


I'm still going over the Erin Weigh-off in my mind and the significance of what happened that night. I have to say congratulations to John Nieuwenhoff for smashing the old green pepper world record with a whopping 695 g showstopper. I've never witnessed a WR before. Hope the jacket fits! The pumpkins were bigger on average this year too. Its getting harder to compete there so I better buckle down next year or I might get left in the dust. Thanks to Dave McQuay, John Nieuwenhoff, Ron Wallace and Brian Wade for sharing some great tips. Happy growing folks!

Oct 12, 2017

Well said Moochdog. Congratulations MR John Nieuwenhoff on your accomplishments this year.The wealth of knowledge over the years in the patch and that new warm jacket in 2017 . You will achieve many more goals at the Erin Weighoff and other Ontario weighoff sites in the coming years. Congrats John































Oct 12, 2017

Wow, congratulations John! I grew a 602g off your 550g seed, which was #4 in the world until Erin. Was this one from that seed too? And to imagine most of the world's heaviest peppers all originated from a packet of seeds I bought from a seed store here.

Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
Oct 12, 2017

Congrats again John on your new WR pepper & your newly found status as a Master Grower. It's been an outstanding season for you & we look forward to presenting you with your MG jacket at the GVGO seminar.

Enjoy your success as a WR holder.



Jane & Phil




Pumpkin Shepherd
Oct 12, 2017

Brad it was from my 599g from last year, it was grown from the 550g the year before. The 550g grew the previous record of 621 by Mehdi Daho. You're right that the seed was in the GVGO seed pack I think 6 years ago. Variety Colossal. I grew it each year since, keeping the seeds from the largest one. The first year I grew 325g, then 400's, 500's, last year 599g and now 695g. Because it was originally a hybrid it was really variable the first few years, even throwing some yellow peppers. The last couple years the strain seems pretty stable and consistently throws 500+ gram peppers that ripen to a deep red. Maybe we need to call it the Dutch Giant.

Thanks everyone that sent me messages and emails. I realize that a giant bell pepper is likely one of the most underwhelming looking giant vegetables you can grow, but its a World Record and I'll take it. I think it's also one of the few World Records that can still be beaten, even at 695g.

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