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Attached is a form to be submitted back to by February 9th to receive sponsorship for 4-H.

please think of things to discuss regarding the 1 Ton challenge as we have had many comments regarding it both pro and con, it will continue on the way it is for 2019. Past that we have to decide if it will continue on, change or be dropped for something else.

Patches for weight categories will be available at the seminar as usual.

The seminar will be held in Breslau April 6th, 2019 at the Polish hall like before, look for details in the newsletter.

other contests might be announced in the newsletter so keep an eye

Finally - thanks to all those that have paid there 2019 dues! Please take a few minutes to pay them please.

Thanks,Kirk & Executive 



Dear local 4-H giant vegetable club leaders. The Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario (GVGO), feels 4-H is an excellent and worthwhile program and would like to help out going forward with some sponsorship dollars to support giant vegetable clubs across the province.

Please answer the following about your group And the GVGO executive will review and Get back you. Sponsorship is directly related by the number of applicants, thanks

 Please include

 Name of group

 County or region

 Leaders names, and contact info

 # of participants in group

 A brief summary of what the group is about

 # of meetings and/or hrs of education planned and the itinerary for the upcoming year, including planned activities

 How the sponsorship would help your group and potential use of funds provided.

Thanks, GVGO Executive

Please return to

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