Pumpkin Shepherd
Oct 28, 2017

Membership Seed Packs


In case you didn't see the post in the seed exchange board ....I'll be putting together the GVGO membership packs again this year. I hope everyone enjoyed them and put them to good use this season. The weigh off season is over so that means the seed harvesting season has begun. This is a great way to get your seeds out there to other growers. Last year I think I did up about 240 packs so if you want every pack to have your seed please send in 240-250 (It really helps if you include a note with how many packs are included). We really need more of the "other" giants like Long Gourds, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Field Pumpkin, Green Squash, as well as the "other other" giants like carrots, beets, cabbage, rutabaga, cucumber, and others. So once you get the seeds harvested, dried properly, packaged and labelled (individually is preferred but bulk seeds will be packaged as time permits) please send them to me;

John Nieuwenhoff

37 Stewarttown Road

Georgetown Ontario L7G 4S5

Last year, one package from a grower never arrived, out of 35 packages, although Canada Post says it was delivered (we have security cameras so were able to determine that it never was delivered). Unfortunately these were likely the best seeds that would have been in your seed pack, but they never did show up anywhere. If you are sending top of the line, irreplaceable, best in show seeds, feel free to send them "signature required" just to be on the safe side.

I plan on putting together the packages the same way as last year, and it went as follows; Everyone that sent in seeds was given pretty much a complete set of everything that was sent in (except their own). After that, I started filling the seed packs weekly as I got an update on memberships paid. So the earlier you paid your membership, the better selection you got in your seed pack. That being said, last year the selection was great so everyone got a great pack but if you are paying your membership in March instead of January there may be a few seeds that we have run out of by then. Also, if you have any special requests (certain vegetables you are looking for or certain vegetables you will never grow) just send along a note or email me pumpkin1088 at outlook dot com.

Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
Oct 30, 2017

Awesome. Thanks John for all your hard work as the GVGO's Membership Seed Pack Coordinator. This job is very time-consuming & we are lucky to have a volunteer/executive member like John to continue to fill this role. This is the GVGO's main fundraiser, so please send in whatever seeds you can spare.


Jane & I should have seeds from our pumpkins (1514, 1515.4 & 1278), squash, watermelon, tomatoes, & rutabaga.

Nov 19, 2017

Just renewed my membership. Seed pack is always fantastic.

Pumpkin Shepherd
Nov 21, 2017

I've received seeds from Brad Wursten, Johnston & Butler, Jim Reid, Mike Demers. With just these few packs we already have a great mix of stuff. Glass Gem Corn, Squash, Giant Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Giant Cucumber. Plus I'll be adding Giant Pepper and Giant Pumpkin, and Field Pumpkin to the mix as well. Keep the seeds rolling in. I'll post here when your seeds arrive so you can make sure they made it.

Nov 22, 2017

Hi all. Just wondering . Will any giant beets be available? Would like to give these a try. Thanks

Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
Nov 23, 2017

Not sure if there will be any available in the seed pack, but if not, I'm sure we can hook you up with some seeds. Brad Wursten is our go-to guy for these types of seeds. I'll check my "other giant seeds" container to see if I have some you can have. Maybe someone on this site would have some to spare. If so, please contact us & we'll forward them onto you.


Hope this helps.


Jane & Phil


John Butler
Nov 23, 2017

Brad sent some to me last year to spread around. I will bring some to the GVGO seminar in the spring to give out or you can send me an email at butlerpatch@hotmail.com to make arrangements

Nov 24, 2017


Thanks for the replys everyone . John I will send you an email.


Pumpkin Shepherd
Nov 29, 2017

A big box of seeds from Johnston/Butler arrived today (squash, tomatoes, cucs, and cabbage). Thank You!

Pumpkin Shepherd
Dec 1, 2017

Giant Pumpkin, Squash, Field Pumpkin, and Bushel Gourd seeds arrived today from Todd Kline. Thank You!


Pumpkin Shepherd
Dec 9, 2017

Thanks everyone that have sent in seeds so far but I sure hope there are more on the way. Last year we received seeds from over 30 growers. So far this year I've received seeds from 5 growers. We especially need seeds from the "other" categories. Even if you don't think you had a great year, there is someone out there that might plant your seeds or even give them away to interested potential growers so please get your seeds packed up and send them in as soon as possible. I will start assembling the packs in January and send them out in February.

Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
Dec 10, 2017

Our seeds will be sent out this week some time. We have 8 sets of 220 seed packs, including our 3 pumpkins, 917# squash, 2 - 5#+ Tomatoes, 137# watermelon & our rutabaga. It's a big box, so I'll make sure it needs to be signed for.

Pumpkin Shepherd
Dec 11, 2017

Some great pumpkin seeds arrived today from Dr. Bob Liggett for the GVGO membership packs. Thanks!

Pumpkin Shepherd
Dec 13, 2017

A nice box of Squash seeds arrived today from Joe Jutras. A great addition to the membership packs. Thank-You!

Pumpkin Shepherd
Dec 14, 2017

A BIG box of seeds arrived today from the Hunts. Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Squash, Rutabaga, and Watermelon. Thank You!

Pumpkin Shepherd
Dec 15, 2017

A couple of seedpacks with pumpkin seeds came today. One from Norm Kyle and another from Jeff Warner. Thanks!

Pumpkin Shepherd
Dec 18, 2017

Pumpkin, Long Gourd, and Tall Sunflower seeds from Fred Hain arrived today. Thank-you! The membership packs are starting to look pretty good again this year.

Pumpkin Shepherd
Dec 23, 2017

Pumpkin seeds from Ryan Hoelke arrived today. Thanks!

Pumpkin Shepherd
Jan 2, 2018

A big box of GIANT bell pepper and GIANT pumpkin seeds from Chris Lyons showed up today. Thank-You!

Pumpkin Shepherd
Jan 13, 2018

Seeds arrived safe and sound from Ben Carter and Doug English this week, plus I have a couple parcel delivery notices I have go to the Post Office tomorrow to pick up as I was away on vacation for the past week. So just in case you are wondering if your package came, I will let you know tomorrow what 2 are awaiting me at the Post Office.

Pumpkin Shepherd
Jan 14, 2018

Picked up seeds at the post office from Jim and Kelsey Bryson and Don Crews. Thank You all very much.

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