Apr 7

"New one ton challenge"


Couldn't find the old post so I started a new one.


After much thought on this, whether you agree or disagree doesn't matter in my opinion. I totally agree with what Phil Hunt said, that if we stop this now our club is going to look stupid. My vote is to stop this at $6000, but keep it going until we get a 2000 lb. pumpkin! Just my opinion.

Pumpkin Shepherd
Apr 7

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the seminar, so I’m not sure if anything was resolved about the one ton challenge. Is the club asking for opinions still or was something decided?

Apr 7

It was discussed by all in great length. The final decision is to keep it as advertised for 2019 and in 2020 the Executive will decide how to proceed with the contest.


many voiced opinions for both sides for/against but in the end the majority agreed that not having the contest in some form was detremental to club promotion. The Executive will post details in the future on this. Good growing this season!


Kirk, President

Dave McCallum
Apr 9

There were many positive suggestions on how to proceed in the future and the executive can proceed with an alternative for next year..Dave

Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
Apr 10

Hopefully one of our members grows one this year.

Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
Apr 13Edited: Apr 19

We all need to promote the GVGO & the 1-Ton Challenge. Newer people are really interested in hearing about the challenge & the prize money. This challenge is a great promotional tool & we all need to put our efforts into promoting it better.


I have contacted a couple people in the media that focus on gardening & hope they put the info on their websites. I'm working on a letter to Mark Cullen now to see if he would help us promote the club & the challenge on his website. I'm sure he'll post it on his website.


I already have Steve & Emma Biggs (Steve has his own radio show & his daughter Emma wrote the book "Gardening with Emma") going to post the info on their website & I promised them some updates throughout the season to keep their listeners informed & interested.


I'm also mentoring a new member this year. She has good work ethics & is very keen to grow a monster pumpkin. Hopefully we can help her reach her goals.


So, if you have any contacts within the agricultural media world (internet, radio, TV), please contact them & see if they will post it on their website or mention on their show about the GVGO's 1-Ton Challenge. I have a poster made up to promote the GVGO's 1-Ton Challenge. Email me if you want a copy to email it to anyone to post on their website.


This is our club folks & your help promoting it is gratefully appreciated by us all. Thanks.


Good luck this season,

Phil & Jane



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    2 days ago

    It is seed drying time of year. Keep your GVGO seed packs in mind. I am looking after sorting and sending out the packs this year. Lets all work together to make them great. Send in all kinds of seeds. Everyone is looking for different things in a seed pack. You must be a paid up member for 2020 to receive your seed pack. Here is where to mail them to: Jeff Warner 487413 Aidie Creek Garden Road Englehart, Ontario P0J 1H0 Send me an email or msg so i know something is coming and will let you know that i have received it. aidiejeff @ ntl.sympatico.ca
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    John won the 150 square foot contest this year with a 1175.6 lb. pumpkin. The first one grown over 1000 lbs. in this contest. Congrats John!
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    There are two theories for arguing with a woman.....neither of them works

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