Sep 29, 2017

Pumpkin Needed for Drop


I got this email from a student at the University of Western Ontario, Can anyone help them out?



Miguel Gonzalez <migs2727@gmail.com>

Tue 09-26, 9:00 PMYou



My name is Miguel Gonzalez and I'm contacting Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario on behalf of Engineers Without Borders, Western University Chapter. On October 31st, we will be hosting our annual Pumpkin Drop fundraiser, where a large pumpkin is dropped from a crane on campus. The proceeds of this event support our organization on campus, around London, and across the world.

We are currently looking for a large pumpkin to drop; the bigger the better, but any size will do. Would anyone in the GVGO community be able to make a donation? We are also looking for a harness to secure the pumpkin as well, if that is possibly available.


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