Jun 18, 2018

Question for Chris L on your watering system?


Hi Chris

I noticed your water pump in your diary pic. I just bought the same pump but havent tried it yet. I'm wondering what kind of pressure you are getting from it? I will be pumping from a 1000 L tote and hope to run 4 sprinklers. How many sprinklers are you running at a time?



Chris L
Jun 19, 2018

Hi Jody,

When my AG plants are at their peak size I run one sprinkler and one 100' length of drip line at a time. The sprinklers are covering two plants at a time so there is a lot water going through. At this time I could run both sprinklers and both drip lines all together without a problem. If you are running one sprinkler per plant you might be able to water all the plants at once.

The amount of hose between the pump and the sprinkler does make a difference as well so try to keep the pump central to your plants. My pump has worked very well for the past six seasons and considering that it is stored in the unheated garden garage for the winter it has done an amazing job for me. Chris

Jun 19, 2018

Thanks Chris!

I'll be hooking it up as soon as I remove the cold frames in the next couple days. I have a 4 zone timer so I do have the option of running a couple different zones if I'm not satisfied with the pressure.


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