Oct 3, 2017

Smaller Pumpkin Wanted for School Fundraiser


Hi Guys. I spoke on the phone to Chris about this. They don't actually have a folk lift so I'm thinking about 200-300 pound range....


My name is Chris Hutsul. I’m a parent volunteer for Howard Public school in Toronto’s west end, helping to organize the annual Fall Fete, which is the school’s biggest annual fundraiser. The event is a really big deal in the community, and it helps fund school trips as well as sports and arts programs, etc.

This year I’ve been asked to source a giant pumpkin. Our plan is to display the pumpkin in on the school ground in the “festival” area. We will invite parents to donate money to guess the weight. The winner will get a prize.

It’s a big ask, I know. We need to have a pumpkin dropped off in the morning, before 10am, then picked up at the end of the day. Obviously this could cost much more than we’ll make in the raffle… So as you can see it’s important to keep costs down. Perhaps there is a local grower who could donate a large pumpkin that could fit on a flatbed truck, in which case, we could handle the pick up.

Thank you so much for your time!

Here are the details:

Howard Public School Fall Fete Saturday October 14th. 10am-2pm. 30 Marmaduke St, Toronto Thanks Phil Joynson

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