Dave McCallum
Apr 7



I have phoned Ken Maynard and let him know that there are some growers who would help with the weigh off and that we are unable to help with fundraising. He told me that they have set up a new committee to do their own fundraising and that he would let us know if every thing is still a go before the 1st of May which is the GPC deadline for this year. Their failure to have a Midway pursay was a tactic to get the provider work with them within reason and they lost out. They will work to have this worked out for 2019. The fair still books it's advertising around the Giant Pumpkin Theme and now they hold the Canadian record. So stay tuned for the final decision for 2019.



PS I have the 2018 ribbons for the GPC pumpkin winners...let me know if you want yours...…..Dave McCallum

Dave McCallum
May 3

I have confirmed with Ken Maynard that the Woodbridge Fair GPC Giant Vegetable Weigh-off is a go for Saturday October 12th, 2019. The only thing they ask besides the growers helping to run the show is to confirm the prize classes expected. The list that I have is as follows:

Heaviest giant pumpkin

Heaviest giant squash

Heaviest giant watermelon

Heaviest Field pumpkin

Heaviest Cabbage

Heaviest tomato

Heaviest Bushel gourd

Longest Long Gourd

Tallest sunflower

Biggest sunflower face

Tallest cornstalk

Other heaviest or longest or most unusual

Optional for local sites: extra prize money for Howard Dill Award


Please let me know if this is the list we should pass on to the Woodbridge Fair executive for publishing in their prize list...thanks Dave

John Butler
May 4

Howard Dill Award

May 9

Forgot about the ribbons. How do we get them?

Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
May 9

Bryan Mailey had them. If not, check with Kirk. Bryan might have left them with him after the seminar.

Dave McCallum
May 9

If you read my PS above you will see that I have the ribbons. In cleaning up after the seminar it looked like they might be left behind. How should we disperse them to their rightful owners....Dave

May 29

Great work Dave and to all who lent a hand to get this weigh off to survive for 2019.

May 30

The Woodbridge Fair will problably get more pumpkins entered if this spring keeps up because it's one of the later weigh-offs and it might take longer to get pumpkins to a big size.


Simon Southwell

PB 933 lbs. Giant Pumpkin

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  • Whiz
    2 days ago

    It is seed drying time of year. Keep your GVGO seed packs in mind. I am looking after sorting and sending out the packs this year. Lets all work together to make them great. Send in all kinds of seeds. Everyone is looking for different things in a seed pack. You must be a paid up member for 2020 to receive your seed pack. Here is where to mail them to: Jeff Warner 487413 Aidie Creek Garden Road Englehart, Ontario P0J 1H0 Send me an email or msg so i know something is coming and will let you know that i have received it. aidiejeff @ ntl.sympatico.ca
  • Zeke
    Nov 1

    John won the 150 square foot contest this year with a 1175.6 lb. pumpkin. The first one grown over 1000 lbs. in this contest. Congrats John!
  • Zeke
    6 days ago

    There are two theories for arguing with a woman.....neither of them works

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