Paul Dettweiler
Feb 1

Products for sale 2019


Same products same price.

Products for pick up at spring seminar

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Black Earth Humic Product

Mini Granule - dry carbon 50 lb bag---------------$20.00

Organo Liquid Hume - humic and fulvic acid---$5.00/L

liquid fulvic--------------------------------------------------$5.00/L

Organic Gem - liquid fish ------------------------------$4.00/L

Agrigro bio-stimulants

Ignite2-soil and starter supplement--------------$14.00/L

Foliar Blend------------------------------------------------$14.00/L

Monty'S liquid Plant Food

8-16-8 -growth formula -----------------------------$14.00/L

2-15-15-root and bloom formula-----------------$14.00/L

Liquid calcium nitrate and corn sugar ----------$3.00/L


orders for pickup at spring seminar


Thank You Paul Dettweiler----

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  • kirkc1
    Mar 20

    Get your new GVGO Bling at the seminar!
  • kirkc1
    Mar 3

    Check this out , I have been researching this since 2010! Some is up for prizes at the seminar. Check out links below. Get it at Sun Country Organics
  • kirkc1
    Mar 3

    Below is the link for Bio-Ag products. In the Peterborough area John Sweeting can be reached at he gives great service!

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