Open to all GVGO growers – World Wide. The grower must submit their outstanding specimen to the GVGO for consideration in this contest by December 1st of 2020.


The grower must be a paid up GVGO member by March 1st 2020 to be eligible.
All entries submitted to the GVGO will then be judged by the GVGO Executive for their greatness to the growing community. Heaviest specimens are not guaranteed to win. One prize of $150 paid to the winner. Winner must donate 25% of seeds to GVGO by January 15th, 2021 to get paid.

Master Grower

Master Grower jackets are given to a grower who achieves the level in 3 of the categories. It's up to the grower to let an executive member know, then they will be verified. Weighing or measuring must be at an Ontario GPC weigh-off.

Pumpkin - 1400 lbs

Squash - 1150 lbs

Field Pumpkin - 120 lbs

Watermelon - 200 lbs

Long Gourd - 120"

Tomato - 4.5 lbs

Cabbage 60 lbs

Sunflower - 250"

Tall Corn - 275"

Bushel Gourd - 200 lbs (2018 and previous)

Bushel Gourd - 250 lbs (2019 forward)

Vegetable of the Year 2020: Giant Marrow

Heaviest Canadian Pumpkin

Are YOU Ready to Make History?

Welcome to our new contest for 2020 which replaces the One-Ton-Challenge. The new Contest will reward the Canadian GVGO GROWER THAT SURPASES THE CANADIAN RECORD OF 1959 lbs.


Growers must be paid up by March 1st 2020 to be eligible for any GVGO Contest.
If more than one pumpkin breaks the mark then the heaviest will win. All pumpkins must be weighed at a Canadian GPC site to be eligible. The winner will be paid $1/pound for their hard work.

50% of the seeds must be donated to the GVGO by January 15th,2021 for the pay out to be completed.

If the mark is broken, that new record weight will be the new goal for the next year for a lucky, hard-working grower. This contest is financially viable for the club moving forward, rewarding top growers all across Canada while still affording us to perform other club activities. 

For more information, contact us at gvgogrowers@gmail.com

Largest Increase in your PB Contest!

You must be a Canadian GVGO member in 2019 to qualify. It doesn't matter if you were a GVGO member in 2018, as long you are a member in 2019.


Prizes for the top 3:  $300, $150, $50


Growers must be willing to donate up to 50% of their seeds (depending on seed count) to the GVGO.

IMPORTANT: Winners must CONTACT the GVGO to providing details of where & when you grew your previous PB. Deadline for contacting the GVGO will be Dec. 31st, 2019 

Pumpkins must be weighed at reputable sites & adhere to all GPC rules.

Winner of the 1-Ton Challenge cannot qualify to win the Largest Increase in Weight over your previous PB contest.

Deadline for joining for 2019 will be June 1st/2019


For more details contact us at: gvgogrowers@gmail.com

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