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Master Grower

Master Grower jackets are given to a grower who achieves the level in 3 of the categories. It's up to the grower to let an executive member know, then they will be verified. Weighing or measuring must be at an Ontario GPC weigh-off

Pumpkin - 1400 lbs

Squash - 1150 lbs

Field Pumpkin - 120 lbs

Watermelon - 200 lbs

Long Gourd - 120"

Tomato - 4.5"

Cabbage - 60 lbs

Sunflower - 250"

Tall Corn - 275"

Bushel Gourd - 200 lbs (2018 and previous)

Bushel Gourd - 250 lbs (2019 forward)

Current Master Grower Winners


John Vincent

Fred Hain

Bob & Elaine MacKenzie

John Nieuwenhoff

Nathan & Jen Veitch

Eric Sundin

Jeff Warner

Norm Kyle

Phil & Jane Hunt

Todd Kline

Chris Lyons

John Butler

Art Johnston

Bryan Mailey

Doug Court

Grey Montgomery

Rob Butler

Carter Black

Joel Jarvis

Vegetable of the Year 2023: Giant Watermelon

GVGO Pays 1-3 Total of $225

2023: Giant Watermelon  Vegetable of the Year

2024: Tall Sunflower Vegetable of the Year

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