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Master Grower

Master Grower jackets are given to a grower who achieves the level in 3 of the categories. It's up to the grower to let an executive member know, then they will be verified. Weighing or measuring must be at an Ontario GPC weigh-off

Pumpkin - 1400 lbs

Squash - 1150 lbs

Field Pumpkin - 120 lbs

Watermelon - 200 lbs

Long Gourd - 120"

Tomato - 4.5"

Cabbage - 60 lbs

Sunflower - 250"

Tall Corn - 275"

Bushel Gourd - 200 lbs (2018 and previous)

Bushel Gourd - 250 lbs (2019 forward)

Current Master Grower Winners


John Vincent

Fred Hain

Bob & Elaine MacKenzie

John Nieuwenhoff

Nathan & Jen Veitch

Eric Sundin

Jeff Warner

Norm Kyle

Phil & Jane Hunt

Todd Kline

Chris Lyons

John Butler

Art Johnston

Bryan Mailey

Doug Court

Grey Montgomery

Rob Butler

Carter Black

Joel Jarvis

Harley Sproule

Jim Bryson

Kelsey Bryson

Vegetable of the Year 2024: Long Gourd

GVGO Pays 1-3 Total of $225

2024: Long Gourd

2025: Tall Sunflower

2026: Giant Marrow

All GVGO contests are open to members weighing in at an Ontario GPC site.

Grower of the Year is calculated using the GPC Gardener of the year calculation plus adding a category including cabbage, tall corn and long sunflower. The top two scores are added to the above to get the grand total.

Personal Best Contest

Open to all Ontario Members

Top 3 personal bests for pumpkins weighed in a a GPC weigh off are awarded at Spring Seminar. Up to grower to submit data for confirmation by GVGO by January 31st, 2025

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