Our Executive Council & Regional Reps


Northern Ontario Rep / 2019 GVGO Seed Sorting Co-ordinator - Jeff Warner


Eastern Rep & Fundraising - Chris Lyons

Newsletter & European Seed Pack Distribution - Brad Wuersten

Youth Advisor - Simon Southwell

Past President - Phil Joynson

Facebook Reps - Pat Watson & Graham Barret

Rep at Large - John Butler

Rep at Large - Ben Carter

Kirk Chenier

President & Treasurer

New Executive Members Needed!

It was expressed at the Spring 2019 Seminar that with John Nieuwenhoff stepping down, new executive members are needed from the membership. Most of the work is in the off season, you primarily answer emails from the prez, give constructive opinions and a small amount of club work. STEP UP IT'S YOUR CLUB! 

If interested in becoming an executive member, contact Kirk Chenier: gvgogrowers@gmail.com