GVGO Spring Seminar 2020

Join us this year for our Spring GVGO Seminar! 


Picton, ON

Picton Yacht Club

April 4, 2020

8:30 am start

gvgogrowers@gmail.com with any questions.

GVGO Feature Veggie for 2018:

Giant Cumber

GVGO Feature Veggies for 2019:

Bushel Gourd



Message from Todd Kline GPC Rep:

Hello fellow growers, during the last couple of years there has been an upsurge in popularity with bushel gourds. Many growing clubs have had discussions, articles in newsletters, and have been passing out seeds to their memberships.


Because of this interest the GPC would like to have a trial year this season. For this year bushel gourds will be allowed to be entered in the Master Gardener competition. It will be the seventh category and it will now be 5 of 7 to qualify instead of 5 of 6. This will help more growers qualify for this highly competitive contest.


Bushel gourds are widely adaptable and can do well in many growing climates. We know it is a little late in doing this but really there is no perfect time to do this with growers competing all over the world. Should Doug English’s world record of 279.5 pounds be beaten, a plaque and $250 prize will be awarded. If the interest continues to rise then they will become an official category next year.


The rules for heavy gourds will be posted on the GPC website shortly. Good luck to everyone this season!


Todd Kline



New GVGO Website

Posted June 1, 2017

New... and hopefully you will agree, improved!


Our new GVGO website is designed to offer growers new to the world of giant vegetable growing the support and resources they need to really see great results.

We have also incorporated tools like Diaries and Discussion forums that we hope all (including our experts growers) will take full advantage of!

We would love to hear your feedback on the site, so send along your comments, questions and suggestions.




Seed Packs

Next year's seed packs will be done by current member and Executive member Jeff Warner.

No seeds will be included in the pack unless individually packaged and labelled, (thank you!)


Patch Tour Notes

2017: Great Tour / Under attended

2018: Held Off


2019: Details for the Patch Tour 2019 to be determined at Spring Seminar.

2020: Scheduled April 4, 2020

Picton Yacht Club

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