May 30, 2018

Double Foliage


I've been growing pumpkins for years and I've never had this issue before. I've got a plant that is sending up double leaves and flowers. It doesn't look double vined yet and I've had a few of those and simply did some cutting to fix that. Is there any hope or do I go with a back -up plant?

John Matesa
Jun 1, 2018

I had the main plant and its back up both go funky in one spot this year. I've had some success in the passed with getting them to grow out of their funk by doing several HEAVY waterings. Almost drowning them. It seems that the surge in growth may get it to start growing normally.


Good luck!

Phil & Jane Hunt - GVGO
Jun 5, 2018

Try John's suggestion of heavy watering. It has helped us in the past whenever we had an issue with double vines or ribbon vines.

Good luck with it.


Jane & Phil


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    There are two theories for arguing with a woman.....neither of them works

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