Aug 29, 2017

950 jarvis***


Edited: Aug 29, 2017

Bad shape & color needs some 'progressing' ....at 500 lbs. this is an 8th generation squash. My belief/hope is that the color will progess to a darker green on this young squash if given an opportunity to mature.


For he record, green on an immature Red Delicious does does not make it a Macintosh...these are Red Delicious apples, even if they're half green right now...color progression is a thing;)


1094 Butler...guessing around 900 lbs...no color progression required;) Squash= "pumpkins ugly little cousin"...i dont think so. This ones a beauty!


1512 Butler. Around 1000 lbs. Dont know what Butlers putting in his seeds, but they're packing a color punch this year;)


1354 Jarvis. Around 1100 lbs. Growth has slowed with the cool nights...will have to coast in from here😕



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    Better later then never right? I meant to start this a while ago, but just never got around to it. Here is my bushel gourd progress for 2019. May 23, they have been sitting in the front window soaking up the sun. May 27, I finally got them into the garden. Jun 7, they seem attracted to each other... Aug 8. I had seen a lot of flowers, but hardly any female flowers. After a few didn't take off I decided to manually pollinate them and this one took off! Aug 14. This is before I leave for a vacation, its growing pretty well. Aug 25. Its growing a lot faster then I imagined! I hope my trellis (read: Fence) can handing the possible size of this monster!

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